Obtaining PESEL Number for a Board Member

The submission of financial statements for the last financial year to the Court (Polish Krajowy Rejestr Sądowy – the National Court Register) requires at least one member of the company’s Management Board to have a PESEL number. 

PESEL Number is Universal Electronic System for Registration of the Population in Poland. After the amendment of the Code of Commercial Companies in 2018, companies with only foreigners on the boards cannot submit financial statements and other necessary resolutions on their own. 

Is it possible to obtain a PESEL number for a board member who is a foreigner?

Yes, it is possible if register your residence in Poland for a stay of over 30 days or if you submit the application with any municipality or township office. Usually we recommend the second way. 

How can I apply for a PESEL number?

You shall complete and sign the application, prepare the attachments and go to appropriate municipality or township office. If you cannot come to Poland in person or you want to use professional legal assistance, the application may be submitted by a proxy for you. 

The documents required to submit the application for obtaining PESEL number:

  • application,
  • a document that confirms your identity and other data required by the application form. 

The application form is only in Polish and needs to indicate actual legal base.

How to apply for a PESEL number by a Proxy?

A power of attorney and the preparation of attachments are required to submit an application by a proxy. The list of attachments depends on the given case, but you need to deliver to your Proxy at least a copy of your passport with an apostille or legalization of the document together with a sworn translation. 

What I should do after obtaining PESEL number?

We highly recommend our Clients to complete the details of a Management Board Member in KRS (the National Court Register) immediately after obtaining PESEL number. 

Our many years of experience show that applications submitted to the Court regarding the change of data in companies may sometimes take several weeks. For this reason, it is best to submit the application immediately after obtaining a PESEL number, so that it does not constitute an obstacle to submitting the company’s financial documents to the National Court Register.

Do you need our help?

If you have any additional questions – leave us a massage at dokumenty@KRSdlaFirm.pl. We respond for your question as fast as it is possible but it usually takes up to 24 hours.

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